Hi Everyone,

We just posted up a recap for Baltimore, Denver, and NYC - enjoy!

In Baltimore, several people contributed to the topic of Getting the Most Out of Affiliate Summit East. A few highlights of the conversation include:

  • Know your 30 second pitch, but don’t be too scripted and salesy – if you’re a network and say that you offer the highest payouts (said by many other networks), you’ll instantly turn people away
  • Bring plenty of business cards, pens to use for writing notes, hand sanitizer, several water bottles, and flats or flip flops to wear during the show
  • Write notes on business cards so you can remember your conversation and what day it occurred – this will help you create a personalized follow up message after the show
  • Use your conference badge to store/sort business cards so your hands are free to write notes
  • Talk to strangers – you’re next big business partner could sitting right next to you at the hotel bar
  • Attend parties for great networking opportunities, but be aware that what you say and do can (and will!) be photographed and posted online

Adam Riemer also shared a few tips from his posts on How to Prepare for Affiliate Summit and an Affiliate Summit East Checklist on what to bring.

In Denver, Dave Taylor spoke on the topic of Using Affiliate Marketing for Blogs. A few of his tips for bloggers include:

  • Focus on one area rather than multiple areas, to improve Google rankings and draw targeted traffic
  • Look for programs that aren’t on auto-approve, because manual approval helps to screen out bad affiliates, making it easier for good affiliates to succeed
  • Don’t include an affiliate link in every blog post. Sprinkle them throughout your content to gain added attention for them

In New York, Derek Halpern spoke on How to Turn Traffic into Sales and Leads. This included how to use webinars with experts to build your list, then how to use your email list to create interactivity with your site visitors.

  • Be personal, ask a question, make the people on your list feel special
  • Always give them a reason to click back to your site, but don’t “sell” right in the newsletter
  • Provide valuable information

At this meetup, Deb and Vinny also handed out goodies from past Summits, spoke about the Affiliate ABCs series, gave out a copy of Internet Marketing by the Experts – The Gang of 88 and FeedFront magazines.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we’re looking forward to next month’s meetup!