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    Best way to get traffic to new startup landing page offer?
    Hey Guys,

    I'm launching a startup, have a landing page up now and I'm wondering what is the best paid way to send lots of quality traffic to the site?

    I don't yet have stats on the conversion rates of my landing page so I cant determine what I can afford to pay per visitor, but I certainly can pay $1-2 per conversion...

    I guess I'm looking at cheap PPC or PPA where I dont have to put up a lot of $ with a network first.

    Also the quality of the traffic matters a lot. My landing page is a lead gen based model so if I'm only getting garbage visitors/conversions the lead buyers will just scrub the leads and I'll be stuck paying for the traffic...

    I'm completely new to this so I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you can offer...

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    July 13th, 2011

    What business are you offering?

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    Why not search those PPC network's free or discount cupon/referral code first? Do some tests than pick up the better one.

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    you can post on social networks twitter facebook etc to get traffer
    social bookmarking gets traffic too especially digg
    traffic exchange sites can get you visitors too

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