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    The affiliate manager or owner of BabysHeaven ( on CJ) dropped in and posted about how dedicated his program was to supporting affiliates. Now after 1 week of displaying his Ads and putting up product links this one is de-activated.

    I just did the same with who show the Infomercial deals as seen on TV. They seem to have way too many diversion tactics. 800#'s posted all over every help button jumps out to take phone orders ..e-mail signups everywhere and a web site designed as a Junior Achievement project. Does anyone use them at CJ?

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    2,279 (my stats for February):

    1,021 HITS
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    One sale for every 31 hits? It'll do. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] I had 12 sales for them in January (I started promoting them mid-late January) and no reversals.

    I'm not crazy about the site design either, but it doesn't seem to both my visitors.

    BabysHeaven, otoh, is off my books for good.

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    After speaking with Jon Carder and many emails back and forth ... I fell for his BS ... I emailed him and his VP about the most recent deactivation and still no reply (4 days later) :eek:

    Run, run as fast as you can!

    PS. I am emailing this thread to Jon Carder

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    I am saddened that you have turned against me so quickly when you have always been fair and supportive. The reason I have not replied to your email is because I was on my honeymoon all of last week. I returned this morning and I am still not through even half of the emails from last week. I hope you can understand my situation and I never "BS"ed you. I always spoke straight from my heart and with integrity. Everything you have ever heard from me was the truth and everything that has done to me is the truth. Yes, my account was negative while I was away last week but it goes negative within hours of me making a deposit and I had contacted the head of accounting Eric and made sure everything would be fine while I was away. He thanked me before I left for keeping in contact with him and maintaining consistent communication about our account. He was also given the name and contact of another person here at the company to contact if he had any questions or concerns while I was away. Then suddenly I got deactivated again without any communication or warning. What can I possibly due when CJ has deactivated us this many times. These deactivations have made my company and myself look so bad. It is something that I'm taking one day at a time and trying to respond to everyone's concerns until CJ gets us back up again. I did a post after your first email at abestweb in response to yours and dozens of other concerned emails. I was hoping you would read that as I did not have much time to reply to emails while on my honeymoon. My wife wouldn't let me and I needed to spend quality time with her. Again I hope you understand and I will never feed you BS, never.

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