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    Termination Notices on CJ
    I think CJ should attach a reason to their Affiliation Terminated notices. Most of the notices I get are due to the merchant either terminating their program or moving to a new network.
    An example is Borders.

    There have been times when the merchant hasn’t sent me any communication that they’re moving networks or shutting down their program.

    CJ should include Affiliation Terminated – Reason.

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    I think all the networks could do better with that one. I'm not sure how it is on the merchant end, how much they can elaborate thru the network system. And I guess, they can always send direct emails to their affiliates.

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    Agree-to an extent
    Network has some of the burden, but in my opinion, the bulk of the burden should be with the merchant.

    If they're closing their doors, merchant should let you know.
    If they're moving networks, merchant should let you know.

    In terms of moving a network, I can see the network's point of view: if you no longer are the network of choice for that company, you're not obligated to do their customer service for them...

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