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    Materials to recruit affiliates at a conference?
    We're starting up with affiliate marketing, and are planning to attend an upcoming affiliate conference to meet affiliates and learn more about the space.

    If we meet IN PERSON with a potential affiliate, what are the best materials to present to him or her?

    If we hand them a business card for example, should it have our
    conversion rate
    reversal rate
    average transaction size
    etc, on there, or do you recommend a link to our site?

    What information could we give a potential affiliate in person, that would best showcase our opportunity?


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    Outsourced Program Manager Chris -  AMWSO's Avatar
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    Hi Michael

    Attendees are going to get a mass of stuff at the event, so you need something that is going to be easy to carry, not easy to loose, cool, useful...all of these, else it may end up in the trash when the time comes to fly home. In terms of info, depends what the item is you give some one, but the key items that people will want are generally.

    Your brand
    What do you sell
    Your selling point
    Commission rate
    Special Attendee Bonus / Benefit
    Sign up Link.
    contact info Phone and Email

    Basically as much as you can.

    Mouse pads might be ideal, big enough and always useful


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    Thanks for your advice.

    Much appreciated.

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    Outsourced Program Manager Chris -  AMWSO's Avatar
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    Hopefully some affiliates will add some thoughts on the kind of items they would like to be given and what info should be on it too

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    Its nice if you can do a printed piece and give your business card. As for theirs but don't expect they will have one. A post card sized handout is nice since it doesn't take up much room. They also like samples if they are not too big. You can always offer to ship them after wards.

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    Flash Drives.

    They are cheap now. Can even get them preprinted with your company name. Preload them with some info or a PP presentation.
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    Michael, I think you and Chris hit it on the head. A couple colleagues and I were at LinkShare Symposium East in June and I had a tri-fold pamphlet created for the event that contained much of the information you suggested. Essentially a solid overview of the programs we manage.

    We were also able to bring along a lot of samples of some of our best-selling products. People LOVED this and I'm still getting e-mails thanking us for bringing them. Samples are always a great talking point and visual aid, plus it gives people something to remember you by later. I know not every merchant is able to do this, but it's worth a thought or two.

    Sounds like you're on the right track!
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