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    Unhappy When will I make money?
    Hi guys.

    I have been doing AM for six months now and I hardly make any money from it (trickles of sales here and there). My question to you is: how long did it take you to start making $200 per day? And what did you do in order to finally make that amount?

    $200 per day is my goal, it is just enough to live on with my mortgage/car loan/insurance/student loans payments. I can live with just this amount and I really want to quit my job!

    Thank you guys.


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    that is a very good question.

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    There are so many variables that can effect how successful you feel you are - including your goal of $200/day.

    Everyone's experience level for marketing, web development, and comprehension of all the nuances that go into affiliate marketing are different.

    Start with what you are earning now:

    1. How did I get those sales?
    2. Why did I get those sales?
    3. What is my website traffic vs clicks to the merchant vs sales ratio?
    4. Why is my traffic/clicks/sales ratio the way it is?

    Then go back and ask:

    What can I do to improve my conversions?

    Then, implement those changes.

    Affiliate marketing requires trial and error - and learning from failures and successes.

    Keep reading. Keep asking questions. People love to help - however, people do not like giving you their business plans they have worked on and developed with their blood, sweat, and tears...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    I have been in AM about 14 months starting completely from scratch with not a clue about web sites, marketing etc.

    Unwisely I bought into some bogus schemes got ripped off but finally realised that there is no pot of gold but loads of hard work should eventually pay off.

    To date my earnings are $200 (14 months work) but I look upon this as building a foundation as I can now build a WP site and configure it with plug ins, SEO and post pretty good content. As a result I have some sites ranking P 1 with Google others lost in the ether.

    Don't give up the day job yet but if you are prepared to put in the hard work, look to learn something new each day, read some of the informative posts on this forum and study Youtube tutorials.

    The fact that people do make money at AM is driving me on, there are days when I want to throw in the towel but inspiration comes from the most surprising quarter, often from a forum posting.

    Best of luck to you.

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    It took me 6 months before I made a dime. And that was in 2003 when it was easy to make money. I have a site now that would have made 6 figures back then (and makes squat now!). It is tough!
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    I've been at this for years now and there are months that I don't make any money and other months I an make well above $200.

    IMO one of the keys is to find the right niche that you're an expert in or are interested in and provide valuable content that you visitors will want to return for.

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    You will soon
    yes dear you can get that amount soon so for this you to work hard and wait for that time when you will get money as you want thanks

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