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Thread: Decline twice,both in SAS and CJ

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    Decline twice,both in SAS and CJ
    Can anyone share any experiences with ACLens? I wonder why I'm just declined twice, in SAS and CJ does ACLens have special requirements to accept affiliate?

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    Yaqee, It all depends on what your site looks like, what audience you target, etc., so it is a hard question to answer. You could try to contact the affiliate manager for the AC Lens program and ask them why they declined you. You may or may not get an answer within the time period you would like because they likely get a ton of emails, but it's worth a shot. You could also post a link to your site in the forum -- (can't remember the name of the folder to go to but something like..) New Site Reviews (or something) and get feedback from ABWers if you already haven't done that.

    ACLens is fairly easy to get signed up with, so if you did have a problem it is good that you are trying to figure out what it is because it will likely be a problem for many other merchants/programs you want to join as well.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Yaqee,

    Send your CJ PID/CID or SAS account # to bdrumm at I'll take another look and let you know.



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