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    I have just started using magic article rewriter to spin my articles and submit them to various directories, I have read that an article should be spun at least 30% but I have been spinning mine 40% so am left with 60% duplicate content. When I compared two different spun versions of the original article I found that they were in the region of 90% duplicate content of each other. Is it true that say you submitted 20 spun versions of the same article to various directories Google would only count all of these as one link? Or can you achieve a better percentage between the spun versions so Google will look at these as separate , giving you more links?

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    Duplicate content - and they will know it. Someone will get penalized. This is a good portion of what the Panda update was targeting.

    Suggestion is to stop immediately...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    You are wasting your time, there are no shortcuts despite all the sales hype surrounding these products, spend your time writing real original content, it isn't easy but it is necessary.

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