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    Help!Can any ex-pats give advice on setting up biz?
    After studying and reading for months, I finally have my plan to jump into affiliate marketing. My issue is that I will be permanently moving to Mexico in less than 2 months, staying a US citizen but not having any ties or addresses here. So..... I have not registered a business name yet, and am wondering if anybody can give me some advice on this? Where do I start? I have read some posts on here about the online mail services where I can get a US address and have my mail emailed to me.... but then do I just chose one of those and register a business in that state? Can you tell that I'm lost here?! What other issues should I be aware of as an expat running an online business? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I would talk to an accountant, probably will tell you everything you need to know.

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    Do NOT drop your U.S. bank account

    (1) Do *NOT*, under *ANY* circumstances, drop your bank account in the USA. Maintain at least ONE bank account in the USA!

    (2) Because you are a U.S. Citizen, you are subject to Federal taxes on income earned, worldwide.

    (a) After you have lived outside the USA, continuously, for approximately 18 (?) months, you will be eligible for an Exclusion, of U.S. Income Tax, up to approximately USD$93K of income (?)

    (b) You WILL be required to pay Self Employment tax, on Net earnings from Affiliate advertising, or any other self employment, in excess of USD$400.

    I am not a C.P.A. or Enrolled Agent, but believe I am pointing you in the proper direction. Suggest you look, for exact details, on IRS.GOV and the web pages for William Perez on

    (3) As soon as you have a Permanent Address, Landline phone number and cell phone number in Mexico, go to the web site of the U.S. Embassy (in Mexico, D.F.) and REGISTER with them, so they will know you are there and what your email address, etc., are.

    (4) Get a Taxpayer ID number from the I.R.S. When you affiliate with networks (LS, CJ, ShareASale, etc.), use that number and not your Social Security number.

    GL and enjoy life South of the border!

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