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    Changing Domains... What's the best approach?
    I'm renaming my personal blog and snagged the domain name I've been waiting on. What is the best way to switch everything over?

    I created a database backup on WP. I can install everything on the new server. I checked out the address change function on Google. Is there something important that I need to consider outside of these things?
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    If your blog has any page rank I would recommend a 301 redirect.

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    Set up your new domain name.

    Transfer all files/database(s) etc to your new domain.

    In your old domain create a new .htaccess file and put the following in:

    RedirectMatch permanent ^/(.*)$
    Replace with your website domain name.

    This should redirect everything, page for page, from your old site to your new. None of your indexed pages from your old site will be wasted...
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    First formally inform your blog readers about the migration
    Use Google webmaster central and update the change of blog address
    Redirect the pages and post links to new blog pages

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