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    PHP include not working in WP (all of a sudden)
    (Wasn't sure whether to put this in blogging or programming).

    This is really strange. I moved a site not long ago, and all of a sudden an include() is not working, but ONLY on Wordpress templates. This same include, that was not changed during the move, worked just fine beforehand. And every other include in the same template works just fine.

    The site has 3 static pages as well, the include still works on those 3 pages. I know it's not the file, and it's not the include path because it matches the same path on the static pages, and the same relative path as the other includes that work (save for the directory).

    Any reason it would just randomly stop working?

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    Did you check the include code on the page and made sure nothing changed in it?

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    Hi Shawn,

    Hard to know for sure without seeing, but here's a few things to look at:
    - When you moved the site, are your php.ini settings the same as at the previous host? Some standard culprits to check would be register globals and magic quotes. Depending on what the php does in the include file, these setting might be tripping you up if they are different from your last host.
    - Did you upgrade wordpress at all? I have heard of some conflicts with 3.2.x and some code.

    Unfortunately, without knowing more or seeing the site - that's all I can think of generically. My guess is going to be that if everything else remained the same, it's probably a setting in the php.ini that's different. I'm having the same problem with a snippet of php code that handles my search, and on one site it deals with apostrophe's and the other it doesn't. The only thing that is different would be the server config - so I'm going through a php.ini audit as well :-)

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    Thread: PHP include not working in WP
    Admin files -- including wp-login.php -- suddenly "Not Found" in 2.6.2 (10 posts) ... This problem occurred as of this afternoon and I have found no other thread ... Blog is working, I can access the admin area of the sit If that file is not found, it will instead include wp-includes/theme-compa

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    I'll check with my host. If nothing changes on your end, most likely your host has done some updates which could cause the problem.

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