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    In order to promote our affiliate program I would like to offer a guarantee on CPM, this would be offered to a few targeted sites and would be payed out as a minimum. I would like to know what kind of $$ would be attractive.
    Also how would you suggest about finding the right promoters or affiliates, someone who would work with you in developing, testing, and refining the program?


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    The CPM offering will not serve to produce sales, it will only allow branding. Now, if that is your goal there are many alternatives to start such a campaign. As I understand your business, I'd rather focus on getting better affiliates, to perform for you. One great way is self recruiting ... look at the SEs for applicable keywords and email the site owners asking them to join your program (which I think is fine as is [at this juncture]).


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    That is my intent, the primary question from better affiliates is how well do you convert. I am not looking to begin a branding campaign, what I am trying to figure out is when I go to these affiliates and ask them to try my program I want to be able to say we do not know yet but I will guartee you x amount of $ for x amount of pub. Basicly I am saying if you are one of the big boys/girls in these keywords with the targeted traffic I am looking for you will make money through our program, however since you are taking your time and space with this program I willing to say if you do not make the money you are looking for I will pay it anyway, provided their was a concerted effort to push the product.
    If I am not explaining this correctly I am sorry. I want to give someone who is bringing proven traffic to me the benefit of getting paid if this traffic doesn't convert, I personally believe it will and the guartee is not an issue since we believe the product will sell. I am trying to remove the risk an affiliate takes with new programs. This offer will be for only a couple of affiliates who we feel can convert their traffic to sales. If this works everyone is happy if it doesn't then I can step back and punt again.
    I felt this idea(not mine by the way)had some attractive potential for you and yours it may be different but it is something we can offer that might make it easier for you to try a new program. We take the finacial risk away from the affiliate. I thought this was a good thing.

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