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    Question Payment?
    I am just wondering: If a network says they do net30 or net15; do payment always send out on time? Do they only send out on that day or affiliates will receive their payment on that day? Is it always on time?

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    There's really not one answer to your question as each network has its own 'formula' for disbursing payments and some networks have 'earned' a reputation for payment issues. I'd suggest checking out the subforums here on ABW for the major networks (CJ, GAN, Linkshare, Share A Sale, etc.) as you will find various entries on payment stuff (payment threshold, frequency, payout options, affiliate complaints, etc.).

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    Depends on the network. Usually it is within the next couple business days of the end of the period. If the payment cycle ends on the 15th, they usually take a couple days to process the payments from that date.

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