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    Hi, Merchants I'm starting a online business where I will be selling Discount Vacuums and Vacuum products on DirectVacsandMore.Com. When the site is done in around 2 weeks, we need to know the best way to get sales through affiliate marketing.
    IS it build your own affiliate program and get affiliates, or is it join several affiliate networks?
    I have been reading the affiliate networks here, and so far ShareaSale.Com sounds good, but $150 to start!! FineClicks.Com sounds good also. What about clickxchange? Please help thanks!

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    I use Shareasale and so far like them pretty well. I would suggest getting with a network as it will help you get some extra affiliates. $150 to start with Shareasale isn't that much when you compare it with CJ and Linkshare. I am not sure about the other small networks such as Fineclicks because I have no experience with them, but I have heard they are good. Good luck.

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    I am not familier with networks other then CJ and Linkshare, but I can say that it would definitely be worth it to give one a shot. $150 investment is minimal when you think of the benefit you will be getting in sales. Many of the networks are thousands of dollars to start.

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    Hi LookMonster

    There are two things to consider other than price.

    1. If you build your own system as a stand alone dedicated one, you will have to find and bring in your own Affiliate base, the end result is that you own access to those affiliates, no other Merchant can touch them.

    2. If you go with say ShareaSale, LS, CJ or any of the others you benefit from their already educated and active affiliate members, meaning less time spent hunting for applicants.

    3. If you want the program to succeed it does need dedicated attention. If you have the money sites like LinkShare can provide managers for your program, otherwise you need to have in house or third party support to manage the program and affiliates

    Both programs have upsides and downsides, at the end of the day most people opt for going with an already in place program unless they are big enough to know they can bring in massive participation and offer a product base that is easy to promote... such as



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