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    Things must be slow at Google...
    I do not do much in the way of PPC. I just received an email and alert from Google telling me that a campaign that I paused over 3 years ago has been disapproved. Doesn't Google have anything better to do than dig-up and disapprove ads that have not run in years?
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    had the same thing happen -- it flipped me out as I thought somehow old campaigns/ad groups had somehow been turned back on!!!

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    Ditto, here. I stopped using adwords YEARS ago. Guess they are trying to get folks to "come back"?
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    It's probably a job they gave their new intern, figuring how much harm could he do with old campaigns.
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    Google seems to be driving affiliates away which drives them straight to Yahoo/Bing. Would be interesting to see Google lose market share.

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