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    I started an affiliate program for my site and it's not doing so well. I don't have very many affiliates and none of them are really producing. I am wanting to sort of hire someone to be my affiliate manager, but don't know how to pay them. I don't have the money to pay them a salary so I thought of this idea and was wondering if you thought that it was a fair idea or not. I was thinking of paying the affiliate manager the amount of commissions made by affiliates for each month. For example if this month I paid out $1000 to my affiliates, I would pay my affiliate manager $1000. Would that be fair to do it since I don't know how else to track their work?

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    I think to an extent that is a great idea. I know that I would love for my compensation to be more directly tied to overall sales and commissions. But you may want to work in a base pay in that structure.

    It all depends on your product as well. If you are selling something that people truly want and a market is out there, then I think this can work. It may be hard, though, to get someone full time in your office with this payment structure. This sort of job can almost be done virtually so you may want to be open to that.

    The other thing is you may want to tie it to sales and not commissions. The person doing the job may be prone to give higher commissions to affiliates knowing that his check will be higher, thus not representing you and your company as well as they should be. Does that make any sense?

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    One thing to consider is that the footwork early on is the biggest part of a program, setting up a support area, establishing a rapport with key affiliates and building the relationship.

    Once this is done then it's about maitaining and supporting and less about building.

    Also does the Affiliate Manager also develop banners, manage the affiliate prog software / solution, do accounts etc etc.

    I'd suggets starting on a month 1 - 2 higher payment to get things rolling and then drop to a PURE results based system... as Jaime said what you pay for this really depends on what you are selling, the comission offered and the product value.



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    Have you considered a service like this?

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has used this and found it valuable.

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