Now live on ReveNews, Owen Hewitson published a new article on designing successful affiliate incentives.

The article reviews three golden rules:

  • First, know what you want to achieve. Very often this might not be a simple increase in sales. Recruiting more affiliates, reactivating existing ones, or gaining better placement on affiliates’ sites could also be objectives that you choose to design your incentive around.
  • Second, make the incentive as simple as possible. Affiliates will be deluged with communication about incentives in the run-up to the holiday season. If they have to read more than a few lines to understand what you are offering or what they have to do to be successful, your message is likely to be ignored.
  • Third, make your incentive as inclusive as possible. The best-designed incentives are those that have the lowest barrier to entry so that as many affiliates as possible feel they can participate.

Read the full article here: Foundations For Successful Affiliate Incentives | ReveNews