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    In Web Design, The Fold Is Dead. Well, Kind Of...

    Excellent article from our sister forum across the pond. I have used the term below the fold for a decade now and am amazed how many don't understand the concept. Constantly advise merchants to push links for About Us, Contact US, Partners, etc to the bottom of the page. Visitors looking for that will search until they find it and those not looking are only distracted by it.

    Here's another point I also believe effect the readability of the site: "Stark, horizontal lines discourage scrolling". Perhaps this is why blogs get read well, the layout doesn't break up the readers flow.

    What's your tip for a better site layout with a mind to better readability and conversion? Article can be read here:

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    It looks like I have learned something not so obvious from the article linked above.... And it does NOT relate to the "above the fold" concept....

    On that site, there is one comment for that article, and it literally says this:
    Mark Welch
    Strange: I just tried to "share" this article via Facebook and got a message rejecting the post, claiming that the content was objectionable.

    This does look like a socially-engineered attempt to challenge readers to prove him wrong. Obviously, the only way to do so would be to actually share it on Facebook, and then come back and reply saying "hey, it did work for me!"

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    I think the article is more about content than folds. I think the main point is this:

    "In 2011 boxes and arrows showed that the most clicked area on the website was the next page button, when was often over 15000px down. Right there is proof that if the content and context is correct, a well place piece of advertising could convert well at almost the base of the page."

    I've seen this too, and it makes sense. It you have interesting content at the bottom of the page, but boring content on the top, people will find the good stuff, even if it's at the bottom. Of course, putting the good stuff higher is better, but it's really all about content.

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    Nice article - thanks for posting.

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