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    Fix Linking So It Doesn't Show Title Tag
    When you make a post and link out, can you put it back to the way it was, where the link is just a link, not where it grabs the title tag of the place you're linking out to and uses that. I think this changed during some upgrade or something. I even saw a thread where somebody was accused of trying to keyword stuff when they were just linking our normally.

    Eh, I guess nevermind, I see you can uncheck the box - Automatically retrieve titles from external links

    Think that should be unchecked by default.

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    The Vbseo plugin is responsible for that magic - vbseo also does the acronyms you see popping up when you hover certain keywords, and various other things I am not familiar with. I imagine it was installed last year, probably when the design was upgraded.

    I kind of like it from a usability standpoint, tho I wish it would also put the destination domain in parenthesis. I don't know, but I would guess people are mostly indifferent to the default behavior - probably a 50/50 split on default preference. I like not needing to manually construct URL tags tho, as I ususually use the hotlink to describe what people are getting after the jump.

    I don't really feel too inspired to change it, unless theres more demand. Not against it either tho.
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