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    "Kung Fu Panda!" - 5 SEO Tips to Beat the Latest Google Update
    Hello Everyone,

    A large majority of affiliates have seen their traffic dip due to the recent Google "Panda" update (some dipping as high as 90%!!!). When we heard these horror stories from affiliates, we made it a point to do some research and testing to help find a solution. After our research/testing was complete, we also spoke with some top SEO guys to gather some tips they were comfortable sharing and we have found the following 5 ways to be particularly effective in securing and regaining result placements on Google:

    1. Updates

    Adding fresh content and completing site updates in general helps Google identify your site as being active and a valuable source of information for your traffic to not only visit once but return as well. Constant updates help your site move up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase page ranking in Google because as your adding new content you are increasing the number of pages Google is able to "crawl" and give you credit for. Recent studies have shown that updates in particular are being paid a lot more attention to after the recent Google Panda update. Additonally. providing fresh content not only keeps Google happy but visitors as well. Updates also provide other webmasters more reasons to link back to your site if they see something they want to include on their own sites.

    2. H1 Tags

    Header tags (H1 through to H6) should be used to emphasize keywords on a site. The H1 tag is supposed to define the page title with the most important keyword phrase. A good H1 tag outlines the content of the page. H2 to H6 tags are used if the page requires multiple headlines. Header tags with target keywords on sites are given decent importance by Search Engines, therefore increasing page ranking and placement on the SERPs.

    3. Comments and Reviews

    Reviews are very important because they can appear in such places as Google Maps, CitySearch and Yelp and are a great source of user generated content. These reviews and comments will be noticed by the search engines and read by your traffic increasing customer satisfaction. Also, positive reviews will have an enormous impact on potential customers who are hesitant to purchase.

    4. Backlinks

    Studies have shown that quality backlinks are still the #1 factor in Google's ranking algorithm. Relevancy is the key, for example if a tourist site links to a destination wedding page, Google will regard the backlink much higher than if it were to link to a page featuring content about wedding favors. A great way to ensure you get the most of your backlinks is to incorporate a relevant keyword into the text of the hyperlink, this is called "anchor text".

    5. Optimized Content

    One of the most exceptional consumers of content is Search Engines. The only problem is that they don’t understand what they read. Therefore the value of content is assigned to the behavior of human readers. Content of the page should be geared and optimized for your human traffic. If visitors like it, so will Google!

    Best Regards,

    Jon Nunez
    P: (682) 478-5882 | Fax: (407) 650-2820
    W: Affiliate Program Management: Affiliate Program Manager / Management

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    Jon excellent and timely post! I am going to link it to the SEO Discussion forum as well.

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