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    Just launched, a classified ad site, and we need to point users our way. With such a competitive market for keyword, classifieds, I want to make sure we spend our money in the best way. What are your thoughts on "Pay per clicks"? Domino gives me great advice and usually gets his great spots free, but with classifieds as our keyword, I think we might have to go the Pay per click route. What's the best way? Who and where? Thanks!

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    In most cases single words are hard to rank for.
    PPC can help you out.

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    We've had great results using Overture, Google Ad Words Select, Sprinks, Ah-ha and FindWhat.

    We've found the conversion rate with FindWhat to be rather low, but since their minimum bid is one cent... what the hay.

    You'll get the most bang for your buck by bidding on less common terms and misspellings. If you don't want to put in the 100's of hours of research traking down these less common keywords on your own you might want to try WordTracker. I haven't used the service myself but have heard people talk highly of it in this forum. It sounds like an easy way to fill out a good keyword list.

    Good Luck!

    Frank Minero

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    26 is an amazing tool. I use it all the time to create detailed keyword reports.

    As far as pay-per-click search engines, one technique as mentioned above is to go after the less competitive words.

    Doing this is easy. Simply start from the bottom of your keyword list. Many times, you'll find keywords over looked by others.

    "James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook - 2002"

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