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    Cool Looking for a good company.
    I've had an idea for the last month or so to start going around to local brick and mortar businesses and talking to them about starting text message advertising campaigns. Basically they collect customer's phone numbers (with their permission of course) then they provide me with the numbers and I add them into a database for their company. We then work together to come up with a promotion to send out to increase traffic.

    I have did some Google-ing and came up with a few online mass SMS/MMS providers however I was wondering if anyone here has any real world experience with this and could recommend a company to use? It's hard to find any reviews from other users online to tell which is not a scam or potential disaster.


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    My experience with text advertising has been less than stellar. Most of the local restaurants and shops that I have applied to have sent little or no texts. Frankly I would rather work with a Groupon or other local marketing service than waste my time on a local business.

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    quiet intresting...........

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    YES! it's right but my biggest affiliate use the textlink though the google/adwords .

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    hey deucerooster,yeah definitely its quite n interesting n important step that one can take to increase the traffic.......n i have a very good experiance of it whereby i saw my collegues getting involved in increasing their business by this technique

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