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    I would like to get the word out about our new affiliate program. What are the most cost effective ways of doing this?

    So far I'm aware of two methods. The New Programs section of A Best Web and AffiliateAnnounce from
    What works... what doesn't... what gives the most bang for the buck???



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    With a nitch product, i think your best bet would be to contact each affiliate directly. I plan on using an affiliate service to get hte name out, but will target my super affiliates one at a time.

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    Personally, I think you should consider the affiliate directories just one small part of your overall affiliate acqusition strategy.

    Certainly the next step is to focus on your niche and actively recruit relevant sites.

    Some thoughts:

    - Use keywords in the SE's that your potential customers might be using and see if you find any potential partners here. A quick search for scooters on Google lists mainly other retailers although I spotted one or two affiliate sites in the top 20 results.

    - Keep an eye for PPC bidders that are affiliates. The google results above listed a couple of affiliates bidding on Adwords for relevant phrases.

    - A quick look at Overtures search term suggestion tool shows Scooter Tricks as a common search term. There are a couple of nice 'how to' sites with good content and no apparent route to monetise their audience - potentially great targets for you! (hmm maybe if you haven't already some scooter tricks content that your affiliates can utilise would provide some useful contextual links)

    - What about sites that target a similar demographic to your product? Would skateboarders be 'in' to your products? There's a few nice skating content sites out there begging to be found.

    - Any other merchants you can cross promote with on the back end of their ordering platform? Maybe someone like selling skaters videos would link to your program after their customers have completed transactions?

    - Can you offer discount codes/special customer offers for your affiliates? If so you'll find a few hundred coupon sites. Including sites such as fatwallet or flamingoworld that may be worth approaching.

    - Are there any newsletters publishers dealing with your market? A search for 'Extreme Sports Newsletters' throws up one or possibles in the results.

    - You'll find a few charity sites are good active affiliates, such as (I heard that at times some of these where looking at an initital tenancy fee though)

    - Affiliate PPC, many affiliates do search for suitable affiliate programs using the product/keyword+'affiliate'.

    ie. Overture shows:
    "affiliate skateboard" has 43 queries monthly

    Not much, but you might find a handful of terms worth bidding on the PPC's and optimising your affiliate splash page for.

    I'm sure you have probably thought of some of these ideas already but with a little creativity and research it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a good prospect list.

    One comment, please take care with your approach to these sites - a boilerplate recruitment email with no effort of personaliation could be constrewed as spam and do more harm than good. Personally, I now prefer to make the initial contact by telephone but I'm also the first to admit that when I'm on the receiving end of such calls nothing irritates me more that the caller not being able to explain the programs finer details!!

    Good luck with your program,

    Neil Durrant

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    Great post, good information! This is a great thread....anyone else have some ideas?

    -Tom Rice
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    Thanks Neil... Didda... Joe... appreciate the insight.

    Frank Affiliate Program

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