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    I am looking at expanding our affiliate program and to offer more options to our the same breath, I need to also make an attempt to keep admin costs down (and keep commissions up).

    I noticed Haiko has a banner for running here at ABW and I was looking at their site. Anyone have any thoughts on Network vs In-House? Currently we have programs through Shareasale and FineClicks. While both of those networks are great, the hosting corner has been swamped and it is difficult to come out ahead when you fall 20th in the category. Our commissions are comparable (and better than many), but it is still difficult to stand out. On top of that, we get a lot of affiliates that aren't a great match for our site...nothing wrong with those sites, but many don't have visitors that are looking for hosting.

    I'd like to hear some thoughts on adding an in-house program.

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    I just signed up with myreferrer for our merchant recruitment program. I pay 20% so the 20% charged by the networks I currently use would cost me an additional $80.00!!! That didn't make sense to me so a program like myreferrer is fantastic, more so since it's ease of use and being web based.

    There are many great web based or script based programs for in-house programs including myap, affiliatewiz (just recommended it to three new programs) interneka and groundbreak. The only draw back I see with an in-house program is the recruiting aspect but that can be addressed with recruiting software, client referrals, advertising and some good ol due diligence.

    As your program is now established, has a base and is now paying more and offering partnership opportunities, going in-house might just make sense.

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    Tom you run an honest ship and offer competitive rates on a top notch hosting service. No matter what network you use you will be buried under many larger competitors. Get your own in-house script or start hosting Viva merchant sites and used that freebee feature. Then kiss some serious butt to recruit here at ABW as this place gets more webmaster eyeballs then the affiliate announcement sites. Throw up some banners on Haikos Ad placement plan.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. It is something I'm strongly considering and like I said, it will offer us a little more flexibility. Still need to sleep on the idea a little, but things are looking positive. Haiko, if you get a chance, could you PM me your affiliate link to I followed the banner from here but I don't know their cookie length....just to be safe, I'd like to follow it again

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    An old thread but just thought I'd mention you can compare over 20 packages (in-house, hosted, standalone, even some networks) with over 200 features on my site.

    [URL=]Are these affiliates stealing from you?[/URL]

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