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    Electronic cigarettes in the USA
    Hi everyone,

    I have launched an affiliate program for an electronic cigarette retailer in the USA; same program was flying in the UK. Just wondering what the space is like in the US, where do the affiliates hang out? Any good incentives to increase program take-up?

    Would love some American advice really.

    Thanks guys

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    Sorry BurgerBoy
    Just thought people should have an e-mail address to post replies to, since some people might want to mention their sites or give personal examples etc

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    Possible legal problems with United States government
    I recall seeing news stories about these products. You may run into *severe* problems, with 1 or 2 United States government agencies. (a) FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and (b) FTC (Federal Trade Commission.

    Suggest you look into this, carefully, and retain an Attorney, in the USA, who has experience with these products and with those U.S. government agencies.

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    Thanks Lanny, but E-Lites already had a presence in the USA and was doing well withut any issues... lots of other competitors run quite successful programs in the USA most of them alongside us on Commission Junction, but genuinely, the products from E-Lites are so far and away superior I don't envisage any problems HOWEVER thanks for the heads up regarding the legality of the situation... certainly want to stay on the right side of the law!

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    The U.S. gov. does not like the fact that they cannot collect humongous sales tax revenues on the electric cigs. so they are focusing on the unknown dangers. It's just a matter of time before they figure out a way to either get a big share of the sales or decide there is not enough information out there about possible dangers. You can't even "smoke" them on planes or in airports which is soooo annoying.

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