Adotas recently published a new article from Matt Swan - a client strategist at Digital Window who works with advertisers across both the and Affiliate Window platforms.

This article discusses the increase in smart phone usage, as well as how advertisers and affiliates are using mobile commerce.
From the article:
"With the rise in smart phone usage, a number of high profile advertisers are engaging with mobile commerce. For example, eBay generated $2 billion in mobile sales in 2010, outstripping their projected total of $1.5 billion. With applications for a number of devices including the iPhone and iPad, a purchase is made every second through their mobile apps, with 94 bids every minute coming through mobile devices."

"Additional technologies such as QR codes and location based services are further enabling affiliates to deliver additional value. Aside from serving as a pure acquisition channel, affiliates are able to combine location based offers to drive in-store traffic.

For example, advertisers can work with affiliates to accomplish the following:

  • Design a promotion that encourages visitors to redeem a specific offer sent directly to a mobile device
  • Offer incentivized check-ins to drive visitors to their store
  • Provide in-store customers with additional incentives and discounts" more on Adotas.