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    Facebook traffic/clicks converts better for online games affiliate programs
    This is not the result of a case study, it's my personal conclusion.
    I found a gaming related group in facebook, and payed the admin(actually only a few bucks) to buy a "sponsored message" to all the group members.
    Send the a travian signup link with an article(more like a description).

    I had 350 impressions of my link(used this solely for this reason in facebook) and 11 clicks with a click-thru ratio of 3%. Nothing special.
    The special is that those 11 clicks turned to be 9 leads and the signup paid 2.80 so make the calculation with no effort and just to experiment i earn 9x2.80.

    I am conducting actually more experiments at the moment, i will post results in the near future-hopefully.

    Now to end this thread i will say that i paid 3.50 via paypal for this "sponsored message".(Could get a better price though).

    You have any other affiliate categories that convert good from social media like facebook?
    Because i always hear...facebook doens't convert, social media not the best option, facebook = crap traffic etc.(search google yourselves to find out)

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    Dating offers dominate facebook

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