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    ABW is great! I've been having a ball here exchanging ideas, etc. However, ABW is affiliate-centric and we're a merchant. I imagine we could take the whole "idea exchange" thing to a whole new level if we found a forum that was merchant-centric, too. Has anyone heard of such a thing?


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    You must be kidding Frank. If you think ABW is full of ranters like me can you imagine merchants & their AM's openly discussing their competitive strategies....LOL. A forum for merchants who'd do anything to slit their competitions throats and eat their young would be interesting. Heck I vote for a public forum for the BHO theftwarez folks with guest appearences by Wayne and Mrmerchant and moderated by OBdon. Oh..excuse me I think their was an attempt at

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    All you had to do was PM me and I would have given you access to the AM only forum.

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