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    August 19th, 2011
    Programming costs for website desgin with affiliates
    I have a site that will bring in cj. , linkshare, google affiliates etc. All information brought in is to be combined together by category, alpha and search. My shoppers log-in and are followed to to know who gets what contribution back.

    The site is already programmed for cj and the qoute for additional affiliate houses is 15hrs per house. Does that seem reasonable?

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    April 6th, 2006
    Are you asking if 15 hours of development work is a reasonable amount of time for a developer to add feeds from one network?

    Datafeed files tend to be standard in format (xml, csv, etc), but the database gets messier with each feed you add. When you start combining different types of merchants, with extensive categories that need proper classification, it can get ugly pretty quick. If you browse this sub-forum, you will see how time-consuming it is to achieve a clean database.

    I would say that's a fair quote.

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    You are asking for quite a bit.

    15 hours sure sounds reasonable given the provided requirements.

    I would have expected 25-30. I have personal experience doing just what you have asked. If the hourly rate is reasonable jump on it.

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