hello everyone, we are doing some major changes to our affiliate program and I need everyone's feedback, We are a unique incentive site which offers random gifts for shopping though our portal. we offer hundreds of deals, products, updated daily.

Description: Just an update. you must register to be eligible. as we send a random instant winner message in your U2U inbox.

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With freebiesforever.com, you earn free random gifts instantly simply by shopping online, participating in polls, and buying your products online. For every $60 accumulated we will give away a free $30 gift, plus we donate food, clothes to those who can't afford it.

We are not a get paid to surf site (like ex-getpaid4.com and alladvantage which has gone out of business.) we are a site that rewards members for being loyal and shopping though our portal. members do not gain points for shopping online, so there is not really any reason to try to cheat. We will be offering new services which they are finished, such as a customized web browser (from opera) which does not support parasiteware or spyware. We are getting a lot of new fast registrations every day to our portal. Could you all review our portal at http://www.freebiesforever.com and click on the shopping mall logo to enter without signing up. if you ran a site like this what would you put down as a commission, 2 cents per lead, per click, per sale? I'm trying to build a loyal community of consumers at my site, I have tons of ideas. I was thinking of uploading some product links though shareasale too. but I'm lost As I don't think it would be a good idea to pay $1 per registration. as I want it too fair for affiliates and what would take in effort to get some of you(abestweb members) to sign up for a site like this?

Thanks for the help,


Santa Cruz