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    I am getting new creatives for my affiliates and I want to get feedback from other AM's on the following:

    What size creatives perform the best?
    What size creatives would you consider standard?
    What do you think of offering Storefronts to affiliates?

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    I'm not an AM but, from an affiliate's point of view, when I got my first storefront, my sales tripled.

    Since I was promoting "my" store, I put more time and money into it's promotion.


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    I know that our network tries to make as many available as possible. We find that HTML email is a definite high volume producer and that text links convert the best. Skyscrapers are something allot of affiliates want these days. Really, you should make just about all of the standard sizes available, but you should get rid of any designs that perform poorly. If there's a bad creative, rest assured all your affiliates will use that one!

    Standard Formats:
    468x60 (Banner)
    120x60 (Button)
    125x125(Badges or tiles)
    HTML Email
    Text Email
    Text Links
    Pop-Up HTML (these may work, but users hate them)

    Hope this helps.

    Joe Flores
    Affiliate Manager

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