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    I'm laughing as I write this because I realize that I may get several more offers to run my CJ program by asking this question.

    In the past several weeks I have had multiple offers. I am guessing that this may have something to do with the upcoming CJU.

    I will be attending CJU, and I'm so excited. I am hesitant to sign one of these offers until I get to CJU and I am able to gather more information.

    What has everyone's experience been with a management firm? What should I look for, and what kind of questions should I be asking.



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    If you're considering hiring an outside firm, do your homework to find out who they are and what they're all about first. Get on their affiliate mailing list, add them on networking sites, etc. Get a feel for what their "style" is, and for whether they put good effort into promoting their clients.... are they more interested in promoting themselves, or do they spend their days doing their "job"?

    More often than not, you'll find that those who have approached and solicited you are likely to be more interested in beating their own drum and generating monthly billables to their clients with the minimum possible effort put forth on their clients' behalf.
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    Susan we come in different flavors and as davidH said kick our tires before buying in. Take a look at the OPM's listed on ABW: Outsourced Program Managers - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    I recommend contacting by email to see how they respond then following up with phone calls. Treat it like a phone interview.

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