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    Technical question about data feeds
    Hi all,
    I am investigating on affiliate marketing for a long time, finally found this forum, hope you can help me on the issue. I am not a technical person and do not know much about how these scripts work, but need your help deeply =)

    My question is about finding an affiliate script to manage for my web site, and this script should work with xml data feeds

    So here:

    I am asking about any affiliate marketing script I can buy (hope you can suggest)

    We have already bought a yipit clone script. We already get the xmls from deal providers and list their daily deals.

    We now request an affiliate script,

    What we request for an affiliate script is:

    The deal providers (such as groupon) will login to this affiliate script, and regenerate their xml data with this script

    We will also enter this script as a merchant and receive this regenerated xml, and we will list the daily deals, according to the xml provided by the script.

    So both deal providers and us will track the products we sold, and we will receive commissions.

    I am asking if your script can do this process - regeneration of the xml, and trancking by the xml, and the source xml data changes daily, so your regenerated xml data should change daily.

    I am not a technical person, so hope I let you understand this time.
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    Hello, it seems you have the concept backwards. You use a script to place the deals/coupons on your affiliate site with tools such as the ones listed here: Industry Tools & Services - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Sites like Groupon work through specific networks and offer datafeeds. If you don't want to get technical and merge all datafeeds (different networks have different feed structures) then you use a script tool. That way you can standardize the way it is represented on your site.

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    Hello especially, I am looking forwards to buy a affiliate management script.

    The merchants and affiliates will log in there, merchants will share xml data feeds and the affiliates will publish them and earn commisions.

    Could you suggest such a script giving that service to me.

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