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    January 17th, 2005
    I am considering offering an affiliate program, but I have some concerns. Perhaps those of you that are more experienced in the practical end of these programs would be willing to comment.

    Here goes:

    My company offers web page design, web hosting and Internet access. As it stands, we offer the first month free on hosting and Internet access.

    - Our web page design packages run from $605.95 to $2350.95 and am considering $100-$300 per paid referral.

    - Our web hosting packages run from $3.95 to $85.95/month and am considering paying that exact amount (first paying month) per referral account.

    - Our dialup access is $12.95/month and am considering paying $12.95 per referral account.

    Any comments? I am concerned about the fraud bunch but may be able to stem them off to a point. The payouts look attractive to me, but is it enough to attract new affiliates in droves or trickles? One of our major competitors only pays a small flat fee (less than $100) after so many accounts per month and they have hundreds of affiliates...

    All input including critisizm appreciated. Thanks.


    Simon Dwyer
    Omnetix Corporation

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    For hosting and access your commissions are low, and I don't think you'd get droves of affiliates.

    Dunno about the web design.


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    This is a great book

    Plus Shawn Collins's 'Successfull Affiliate Marketing for Merchants' is pretty much the best read subject material you must read.

    Jim Kukral
    Direct of Emarketing/Brand Manager
    KowaBunga! Technologies

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