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    What consider competing?
    In MichaelColey's excellent guidelines for program policies (Consolidated List of Affiliate Friendly Policies), one bullet point says:
    Don't compete with your affiliates. It's good for affiliate managers to learn what it's like to be an affiliate, but only in noncompeting areas.
    Just wondering what is considered competing. Companies often run multiple advertising campaigns. What is acceptable for them to do and what is not?

    How would you like to be kept up to date on the other campaigns done by a company you're working with?

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    jacked by sylon
    I think he means to join a network as an affiliate and try to make your own affiliate website to see what it's like for us but don't use your own affiliate program(s) to make your affiliate site.

    If you're a jewelry merchant don't use jewelry programs to build your affiliate website.

    Take a good look at the datafeeds provided to us and all of the garbage merchants put in them that is not necessary. Most merchant datafeeds suck.

    You'll learn a lot about which merchants affiliates choose to use on their sites and why.

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    Also to not use the information gained from running the program to compete with affiliates. In the case of paid search, knowing what the company is bidding on then day parting to take that spot over after hours. Just one example.

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