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    I just made a sale of $334 on my store site and the buyer is in Sweeden. The scary part for me is that the credit card authorization reads "AVS: NNN (Addr bad Zip bad)". Can anyone as a merchant advice me? $300 is a lot of merchandise to mail and not get paid for...

    All advice seriously appreciated


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    Hi Marifer...hope this helps!

    I would first call the buyer to confirm the telephone number on the order is active, and the person placing the order with you is actually available to talk with you. Many times with fraudulent payments, the phone number is bogus, and merchants do not take the time to find that out.
    If you are fortunate enough to actually get the correct person, and I do not doubt the validity of the card; be honest and direct about the postal code and zip not matching and see what they say.
    If you are still uncertain, dont dismiss the order, but say you are not comfortable sending the order as it stands, but you would accept a Paypal, or money order, or other options that you may offer.
    If they are truly interested and honest, I think they will do they're best to work with you as well.

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    Marifer if you have the IP you can do a reverse IP lookup at and it will tell you which country the order was placed from.

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