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Founded in 1972, Rutherford Hill Winery is a pioneer in the development of California Merlot. The grape growers who founded Rutherford Hill carefully studied the geography of the region and capitalized on climate and soil conditions that resembled those of Pomerol, the small but distinctive Merlot-growing region of Bordeaux. What a promising discovery that was - one that has borne plenty of fruit - specifically, the lush, purple-black grapes that have contributed so much to Rutherford Hill's success. Today, Merlot remains the flagship wine of the company with 75 percent of Rutherford Hill's production dedicated to this varietal, one of the leading Merlots of Napa Valley.

Why partner with RutherfordHill.com?
For more than 50 years, The Terlato Wine Group (TWG) has dedicated itself to a simple philosophy - "put quality first." Adhering to this principle has helped Terlato Wine Group achieve scope and success unmatched in the wine industry.

The Group's experience in virtually all segments of the wine business gives it a global perspective and makes the Group an effective partner in its dealings with distributors, wineries and retail accounts. This unique position also allows the Group to observe and integrate best practices from all of its business units.

Owned and operated by the Terlato family, TWG is involved in every aspect of the luxury wine industry and operates a wide range of businesses including: vineyard ownership, winery ownership and management, wine import and export, and wine marketing and sales.

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