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    Going to start a per lead program for a site targetted at families looking to bring au pairs into their homes here in the US (maybe $2/lead??). I am looking for recommendations on which network to go with or if I should run my own.

    The people at shareasale/fineclicks have been really nice to me in the past even though I do have a program there that has pulled in 0 sales since starting it a year ago. Regardless, I am still leaning this way. I like doing business with good people.

    Darkblue seems interesting since you can get your money back if the program isn't working for you.

    Own my own, I have tested the software from both groundbreak and leadhound and I think I would probably go with leadhound if we ran our own.

    Any suggestions on networks would be appreciated.

    Anyone use leadhound on their own servers?
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>bring au pairs into their homes here in the US<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> What is an AU Pair

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    An au pair helps look after your children. A live in child carer. Commonly known as a nanny.

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    It is funny, I had to ask the same question about a year ago :-)

    Au pairs are fairly common in Europe and the rest of the world. They are basically like Nannies but not exactly.

    A nanny is a fully paid child care employee. You would pay them just like you would a normal employee. An au pair is a young woman (or man sometimes) that you sponsor to bring over to the US through a special program just for au pairs. You pay them a small stipend each week and they take care of your children.

    In a way, it is like a cross between a student exchange program and a nanny.....but basically like having a nanny (only cheaper).

    We currently do some PPC advertising and it would probably shock you how popular au pairs actually are. It sure shocked me anyway, being that I didn't really know what they were either.....
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