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    2,511 (LS) - Have you had an affiliate sale with them in the past 12 month's?
    Since LinkShare does not provide any way of telling if a merchant is tracking affiliate sales this is the only way we as affiliates can find out if a merchant is tracking or not.

    Please only vote if you have affiliate links up for this merchant.
    MERCHANTS: Start showing your coupons directly on your site, that way your shoppers will stop leaving your site looking for them!! If not then remove your Coupon Box!!

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    kse - I voted yes since had one in the last year but may be a bit misleading. Have had several since I've been affiliated with them but much less compared to similar merchants. I have them on my larger site but most sales have come from a site devoted just to jewelry so the traffic may be a bit more targeted.

    That said, the traffic is pretty targeted and at least seems to me the amount of sales in relation to the amount of traffic it gets is pretty low. (they are rather high priced tho, so people may get a bit of a shock when they see the prices)

    They have also changed affiliate managers from the one I had trusted since I had been with them. I don't see that as a positive thing so am not promoting them as much as I have. Don't even think I get emails from them anymore so am guessing either LS may be managing them or is in house now.

    Umm, not sure my vote is a whole lot of help to you.

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    OPMpros manages them.
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