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    I am new to the affiliate marketing world and hope to get some advice.

    We produce and market a line of pheromone colognes (a half dozen products for men and women).

    Until now, we have done all our own promotion via online advertising, and have a conversion rate of about 3.5% (based on unique users per day).

    I'm wondering a few things:

    - What types of affiliates would successfully market this sort of product line?
    - How would they typically obtain customers -- would they compete with us for keywords we're optimizing for or purchasing on Adwords and Overture, or would they have other intrinsic sources of traffic not based on those same keywords (but based on whatever else it is they do)?
    - Which network is most appropriate for this type of product?
    - What is a reasonable commission to offer? Is percentage-based or fixed dollar amount more attractive? What's a reasonable amount to offer in either case (given an average order size of a little over $40)?
    - We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, and have a very low return rate (about 1% or less) but there are some returns. How is that typically dealt with in terms of commissions?
    - We are very concerned that our site not be used in SPAM emails, pop-ups or pop-unders, or other tactics likely to cause customer dissatistfaction. How likely is this to happen, and what are the best ways of controlling it?

    Thanks for any advice and feedback!

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    Only way I ever heard of your type product was from spam e-mails. Guess you could try to get affiliates who's sites attract horney computer nerds seeking the equilivent of the wonder drug...spanish fly. That or just advertise on the dating sites.

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    I think what Mike & Charlie mean to say is that the types of products you are discussing are often associated with less-than-desirable marketing practices (SPAM, etc.). For an in-depth explanation of what will work long-term, both for you and your future affiliates, you might be better served by directly contacting successful affiliate managers such as Akiva, Andy Rodriguez, Chris from WSO and Linda Buquet. You'll find all of them on this board and they'll give you the answers and practical advice that you need.

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    Welcome to ABW

    Sounds like a great product to market via the www.

    Might even ask Marifer Vergara if her new association would be interested in a branded line.

    >would they compete with us for keywords we're optimizing for.....

    Yes, I would hope that they would

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    Yes you would be competing with some tough nuts in the PPC's.

    Going commission rate on this type of product is 30%. Target market would be dating sites for the most part, but sites that are targetted to men in general (alongside colognes, underwear, personal care products) would pull some sales in sideways.

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