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    GAN - where is support?
    I sent an email on August 2nd to affiliatesupport at concerning the status of a datafeed. From what I recall, this used to create a support ticket from Publisher Support.

    As I received no reply (or ticket), I sent a second request on August 23rd - this was also ignored.

    2 days ago I sent the same email to the merchant contact email, which is also a google address. So far I have received no response.

    Where is the support system.. and where do affiliates direct requests?

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    In the GAN interface, you can click on help in the top right corner, then you get a "contact us" link in the footer of the page you get to.

    You have to check lots of buttons that may not be applicable to your question, but at least I received a response from GAN within a few minutes earlier today. The response was from an anonymous person and just copied from one of their manuals (i.e. did not solve my problem), but at least I got a response. I sent a response to their email, but do not expect to hear anything back.

    Google is just poor at customer service. I used to spend millions of dollars on Adwords, but even then I did not get a person to contact. Engineers rule the day at Google, customer support and similar functions are considered worthless.

    I suspect emails sent to end up in a trash can, so I suggest you try their contact form to see if you can get a response from Anonymous at GAN

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