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Thread: Special Update – Deluxe Affiliate Program Is Now Under New Management!

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    Special Update – Deluxe Affiliate Program Is Now Under New Management!
    Hi all,

    As of yesterday, September 1st, the Deluxe Corporation is happy to announce that we are taking the Deluxe Affiliate program “in-house”. This decision allows our valued Affiliates a direct relationship with the Deluxe Management. Marty Marion, e-Business and Affiliate Marketing Manager will be your link to Deluxe and the ever expanding Affiliate Marketing program here.

    After a long and distinguished term as Outsourced Program Manager (OPM), Andy Rodriguez Consulting is now handing off the management role to Marty and Deluxe. ARC is credited with the launch and impressive expansion of the Deluxe Affiliate program and ARC’s winning success strategies will remain as a blueprint for our continued growth.

    The Deluxe Corporation would like to thank Andy Rodriguez personally for his dedication and professional guidance as we take over this program.

    About Deluxe e-commerce Affiliate Program Manager, Marty Marion

    Marty brings a seasoned perspective to the Deluxe team supported by years of industry leadership in e-Commerce management, web development, and online marketing. Marty’s affiliate successes date back to his management role at Desktop Labels in 1999. Marty joined Deluxe in 2010 and has been actively engaged with all Deluxe affiliate programs. When not optimizing on emerging online strategies, Marty enjoys playing the piano, spending time with his wife and walking his dog Mel.

    If you have further questions regarding the Deluxe Affiliate Program, our products, or our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

    Thanks again, and we look forward to our continued mutual success.

    Happy Selling!
    Deluxe Affiliate Management Team

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    Great news.

    Does this change apply to the 4checks menagerie of check sites as well?
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    David, 4Checks is already managed in house - always has been. In fact, their "original" affiliate manager, Kim, was responsible for getting me involved in the checks vertical over four years ago. Their current manager, Kathy, is doing a great job and had a ton of (prior) experience with GAN before moving to 4Checks.

    This announcement about Deluxe does not surprise me (the scuttlebutt was obvious at Affiliate Summit East in NYC two weeks ago). The laudatory praise for ARC (Andy Rodriguez Consulting) is certainly well-deserved. Andy and his team got the Deluxe for Business program off to an incredible start. Andy certainly knows the business and is a talented and respected OPM. As a side note, I will always thank Andy for providing us (Jill and me) the incentive to start our own merchant programs in the checks vertical.

    So...I suppose the question now is...What will happen to the Checks Unlimited program, also owned by Deluxe? Will that, too, go in-house? And, if so, will there be any other changes, such as happened with 4Checks, when their management changed?

    I'm sorry I missed talking with Paul at ASE11. Marty, were you there? I don't believe we've met - unless it was in Vegas at ASW11 when your team exhibited.
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    This change applies only to the Deluxe for Business programs, including the, LogoMojo, EasyContact, and Bags & Bows programs.

    Bill, you definitely would have met Marty in Vegas, but he was not able to make it to New York this year. I'm sure you'll be seeing him at all of the future events. I did come by your booth a couple of times to say hi, but you were busy with other folks so I figured we'd meet up at one of the networking events. Hopefully, we'll connect at another event in the future.

    We have nothing but praise for Andy, and he has been a great help getting the various programs off the ground. We do look forward to continued success and we are confident that any changes affiliates see in the programs will be for the better.


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