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    I have been running my own business for four years in a high-growth industry, and have developed a piece of equipment to supply to this industry.

    However, I had the idea recently to offer it as a "Business-in-a-Box" package and market it using an affiliate program to anyone and everyone - specifically people wanting to start a business for approx $4-7,000 USD.

    I would set up a completely new website for it of course. 2-tier a possibility.

    Some particulars:
    - Huge (multi-billion-dollar), well-established hands-on industry, any city, any country.
    - A few technological barriers to success (which are overcome using good technology - like what's on offer)
    - No other product like it being marketed by affiliates anywhere in the world.
    - The package will sell for $4-7,000 USD but I'm still negotiating with component suppliers etc... so this could rise or fall.
    - Included will be the primary piece of automated equipment, instructions, supplies, tools, domain name - website - shopping cart (all set up included), marketing advice specific to industry, list of recommended suppliers...
    - Or it could be sold stand-alone (and be cheaper).

    Is this something that affiliates would wish to promote? I could afford to cut a 5-7% commission, bearing in mind it's a physical product with physical costs. Sell just one or two a month and it would add a healthy amount to your pay check.

    Your thoughts, opinions and wisecracks gladly received and considered.
    Or a yes/no answer would suffice...

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    Naples, FL
    Sounds pretty cool. But since I don't know what the product is I'm not sure what else to tell you because I don't know exactly who we would be targetting. It really does sound very interesting though. And if there is a market for it I would definitely market it!

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    OK I'll let the cat out of the bag. It's a production-quality machine for refilling inkjet printer cartridges (professionally). is my website (new, so not much content).

    Target market is people wanting to set up their own business, from home, retail shop...

    Machine is far better than any other in the industry for the price. It removes the air from the cartridge prior to filling with ink, which removes 99% of problems when refilling.

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