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    I am the Affiliate Director for and I am looking to find out what the best way to go about getting free content and/or co-branding to make our site more educational for our consumers. The site is, any feedback is much appreciated.

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    Your URL you listed has a comma in it therefore not going to the site. You can edit it so people can view.

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    The US Government has a lot of content about that kind of subject, much of which you can use for free. Plus, it's "from the horse's mouth" instead of just being the opinion of ""

    Try some .gov sites, but make sure to look at their policies for content use to make sure that the particular content is in the public domain.

    There's also some people who give away articles for reprint in exchange for a link back. But to find those articles, you often have to wade through bucketloads of material that's irrelevant to your site.

    Here's a place that has a collection of free articles: (Scroll down past the stuff about the "guide" to get to the articles.) I don't know what Zongoo gets out of categorizing it for users--I haven't examined that particular site much. But it looks like it's a lot easier to find what you want there, than by going through the original (hodgepodged) lists those articles come in on.

    Be warned that all of the above will be "duplicate content" and picked up by quite a few sites (if the material is any good), so the search engines aren't going to want to rank those pages at a visible level. You'll need to unique-ize your pages somehow if you want good SE listings for them.
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    There's also which has some mortgage and debt related articles you might find useful.

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    Thanks for your guys help! I am sure I will have many more questions in the future! We are just getting our program started.

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