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    Mixing Adult and Non-Adult Content
    Do you think the SEs pay any attention to adult content on a site that also includes non-adult content? If 95% of a site's pages were non-adult, do you think they might be considered semi-adult because they are linking to/from adult pages?

    In other words - can "clean" pages and "dirty" pages coexist on the same site without any crossover influence?

    superCool is working with some new datafeeds and there are some adult items included. Some can be easily filtered out but not sure how important it is. Trying to keep this particular site family friendly, so it would be best to filter them, but wondering about how the SEs might react if not. blah blah blah


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    Good question. Have always kept the two separated so haven't given it much thought. Some of the larger price comparison / coupon / cashback sites seem to not suffer any ill effects. Sites like Walgreens also sell adult products in their "health and beauty" categories.

    I'm thinking if your site is trusted overall by the likes of the Google, you should have no problem in the SE's eyes...
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    Does Google classify sites or pages as adult when it comes to their SafeSearch filter? I guess I would set the to strict and search for the page link of an adult product to test.

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    From what I can tell, they do classify adult vs. non-adult but it's not full proof as I've seen sites in the same category with similar product lines get treated differently. One thing you don't want is to get stuck in the adult classification because it's an awful mess trying to get out of it.


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    Thanks for the input. superCool will try to filter out as much of the adult content as possible and hopefully it won't matter. With all the "context" and "signals" and "neighborhood" stuff coming from Google, it seems like some dirt might rub off onto the clean pages.

    So now superCool will have to push the "dirty" stuff to it's own website . Will probably become superCool's favorite - more fun to work on.... etc...

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