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    I have a resonably successful ink cartridge site selling mainly to the UK with some International sales, and I think it's about time to offer an affiliate program.

    I am really unsure what to offer affiliates, however, and would appreciate any thoughts as to what generally affiliates wotuld prefer.

    Options are (not set in stone):

    1 Single action cookie, 30 days, commission around 12 - 15%

    2 Multi-action cookie, 30 days, commission around 10%

    3 Multi-action cookie, lifetime (or at least years rather than days), commission around 7%

    I'm really tempted to go for option 3 as that is what I would prefer on a program that generally gets many repeat sales, but I'm worried that many people would look at the headline rate and consider it too low.

    The problem is that if I increase the rates, I would also need to increase prices, and probably lose a fair few sales.

    Any thoughts, suggestions?


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    Hard to choose between 3 unattractive offers since your highest offer, percentage-wise, is lower than the ink-cartridge merchants I currently belong to.

    I guess if your prices are low enough to drive sales, I might reconsider.
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    An interesting point - and one I haven't really considered. Is it better to raise prices to offer higher commissions?

    Some sample prices of compatible and remanufactured cartridges:

    Epson TO36 - £2.25 (approx $4 USD)
    HP C6615 - £9.95 (approx $18 USD)
    Lexmark 10N0016 - £14.95 (approx $27 USD)
    Canon BCI-24C - £1.95 (approx $3.50 USD)

    How do these compare with what your current supplier charges?

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