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    Adsene plug-in for Wordpress
    Not really sure where this should be put so please feel free to move it moderators if you'd like. Also, searched but couldn't find anything other than a pretty old thread that never got any comments.

    Up to this point I had placed the code for adsense on my blogs myself, just one lil box on the sidebar. Not even sure if this is info that any of you are gonna give up lol but do you place adsense just in the sidebar or some other location or do you add it after each post you make? Thought about doing that but don't know if would be too much??

    Also, if adding after each post or just having more than just one location do you still add it manually yourself or use a plug-in. If so, which is your favorite to use?

    Thank you in advance

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    I have a great one I use, lemme go find it.........

    Quick Adsense, this is their page -

    But you can just search for it after you login to Wordpress and add if from there. And it looks like you can add other code as well but I use it just for Adsense right now. You keep 100% of the clicks, very flexible and easy.

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    Thank you very much Trust Took quick look and looks good Had been a while since I made the first blog and am not sure now why I felt was better to put the code in myself lol

    Any thoughts anybody to using just a lil adsense maybe in the sidebar, some in the post too or the more the merrier?

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    I am using and recommends the wp-insert -free wordpress plugin which lets you to insert Adsense code any part of your wordpress Blog.

    Before the post
    middle of the post
    End of the post
    side bar

    and so on. You no need to edit the theme file to make it work.Everything can be done from the dashboard itself.

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