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    Canadian Distribution Center
    One of my merchants is looking to expand into Canada. As I have learned it takes too long and is too expensive to ship across the border. They really need a Canadian distribution center and I can also extend the affiliate program to Canadian affiliates. Any referrals would be appreciated.

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    USPS Shipping is by far the best method in my mind (as a Canadian) but fiftyone .com is becoming popular by alot of "Big" Companies.

    Is this what you looking for???

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    No a pick and pack distributor where the product is stored until orders are received.

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    I hadn't really considered this as a solution until your post yesterday. I did a quick search and I was surprised how many order fulfillment companies there are in Canada - I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I agree with kse, USPS is the cheapest shipping method (I know that this is not what you are looking for but I can't pass up an oportunity to nudge merchants in that direction ).
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    Hi Chuck,

    Not sure if your merchant is still looking for a pick and pack shipper in Canada, but here is one that I know of in Montreal.

    [link removed]
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