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    Angry IE8 Google Related Toolbar
    Has anyone else been stopped from getting into IE8 by the google toolbar? It shows a message (below) with the only option being OK. You can't close the popup, you can't close the browser, you can't do anything other than click OK. Not OK. superCool had to alt-ctrl-del and shut down IE. Removed the toolbar. Feel cleaner already.

    Discover cool stuff with Google Related in Toolbar!
    By enabling enhanced features, you allow Google Related to show you useful and interesting content related to the pages you're browsing at the bottom of your page.

    Please note, this isn't the usual yada yada:
    If you enable enhanced features, the URLs, latency, and other information about the sites you visit will be anonymously sent to Google. We use this data to track site reliability and usage in order to improve many of our products. (Privacy Policy).

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    First I've heard of it, thanks for sharing..

    Beyond the basic PR announcements, I found an interesting article here:

    Google Related Toolbar and Privacy Concerns | Lunarlog

    My initial concern is that a competitor's website will appear ON my site as "related", without permission. If someone clicks on an Advertisement IN the toolbar while on MY site.. who gets the revenue? I don't use Adsense for the specific reason that I don't want competitors listed on my site.

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    I have stopped using google toolbar due to the fact that when I was setting up new sites or moving them to new host, I was accessing the site via a temp url provided to my by the host to make sure the site was working ok before I changes my DNS setting. However Google was tracking my surfing via the toolbar an began indexing theses temp URL's!!!
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