Hot off the press....

Last month, global affiliate network announced the exclusive launch of the first British Airways affiliate program in the US market. This partnership showcases the continued incremental growth of the travel vertical within the performance channel as well as the expansion of buy.atís portfolio of brands available to publishers within this industry.

According to travel research company PhoCus Wright, US online leisure travel booking sites are forecasted to see an 8% growth this year with an even higher forecast for 2012, making customer acquisition and retention a core focus for online travel businesses. Travel and tourism purchases are often high value and customers therefore tend to conduct extensive research prior to completing a sale. As a result, this industry remains highly competitive with several resellers vying for the same transaction. Advertisers within this sector accordingly need to ensure their branding and messaging is clear and engaging, their relationship with affiliate partners is strategic, and their programs are well structured to reward and attract strong performers.

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